How to play in Metamir Gam

Unlock the Beauty of History, One Slide at a Time.

Unlock new rewards in every category. Complete all difficulty levels for maximum points and claim the ultimate treasure.

🧩 Puzzle Levels:

– Each category offers 3 difficulty levels.

– Solve all levels to earn full points in that category and unlock the final reward.

🌟 Point System:

– Different categories offer varying point rewards.

– Accumulate points to progress and unlock the ultimate prize.

🎮 Gameplay Mechanics:

– Each category contains 24 slide puzzles.

– Solve each slide puzzle to acquire a jigsaw piece.

– Assemble all jigsaw pieces to level up in the game.

🏆 Final Prize:

– The ultimate reward awaits at the end of the jigsaw puzzle.

– Complete the jigsaw puzzle to claim your treasure and achieve game mastery.

Embark on this thrilling journey, conquer every challenge, and emerge victorious with the ultimate prize!

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Make your own puzzles and share them with others.

You can create a puzzle out of your images here, share it with your friends, and get scores for each game that they play.

By inviting your friends, you may significantly influence your Metamir account.


  • Puzzle Creation and Sharing Made Easy
  • Create puzzles from your photos.
  • Share and Challenge friends and earn scores.
  • Join a vibrant puzzle-loving community.

Explore Friend-Made Puzzles:

Discover puzzles crafted and shared by your friends.

Play, Practice, and Excel:

Utilize free hints to hone your skills and prepare for the main campaign. Become a master player.

Become a Pro Player:

Master your puzzle-solving abilities and excel in the main campaign.

Package Upload Rules:

  • Each package allows a set number of photo uploads.
  • Please review and adhere to the rules.

  • Violations may result in photo deletion.